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This episode is like 96% of the Venn diagram intersection between "Why I love overall" and "why I love specifically"

Waiting for to ask "are you ever gonna watch this watch later list?"

What do you call a hippie’s wife? Mississippi.

I wonder at what point a cool band of hacktivists will get together and take the poisonous, wretched mess of Fox News off the air.

It’d make a great movie (based on real events), wouldn’t it.

Uspol, news media 

Uspol, gun violence 

ugghhh it's not even that hot and it's frickin hot

Friends, an easy step toward democratization of the economy is moving your money to a credit union. So let's say July 14th is Fediverse Move your Money Day!

In Japan this has been an important part of the fossil fuels divestment campaign by When you choose a credit union, ask them about their investments (you'll probably be the first one to ask).

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The YouTube algorithm has decided that I like listening to lesbians talk about 80s/90s anime

it's so fucking funny to me when i'm looking up street view for a spot where i saw a peafowl, and that mf is right there in the same spot

One of the things I miss about the Google plus interface was how easy it was to search for/find & create small communities of interest.

I wish there was a way to do that more simply in the fediverse.

Would love to find more #writers, especially #specfic (#sciencefiction & #fantasy) writers.

There are some hashtags that can help us find one another - #amwriting & #amwritingscifi for example, but I don't thing many folks use them.

So, where are my spec fic writers at???

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how cool the feeling
of the buddha on the moor
an old poem

swearing violently at tech 

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swearing violently at tech 

Q: Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the universe are pointed away from Earth?

A: To avoid false positives.

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